Journal Fee

This journal charges the following author fees.

Article Submission: 0.00 (USD)

Fast-Track Review: 70.00(USD)
With the payment of this fee, the review, editorial decision, and author notification on this manuscript is guaranteed to take place within 4 weeks. Those who submit in the month of publication will automatically enter the Fastract Review process.

Article Publication: 45.00(USD)
If this paper is accepted for publication.

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Journal Withdrawal


Authors who have uploaded articles to Jurnal Mantik are not advised to withdraw their articles, because Jurnal Mantik editors have invested time and resources in the process of reviewing the authors' articles.

For authors who request the withdrawal of their article, the author will be charged a reimbursement fee of Rp.3,500,000 for the review process which is paid when the author submits an official article withdrawal request via email sent to the editor of Jurnal Mantik with the same email address.

The responsibility of the editor of Jurnal Mantik is only limited to deletion from OJS / WEB Jurnal Mantik. Not responsible for online data outside the WEB Jurnal Mantik and our Publisher, and after deletion, there is no opportunity to be published again.

The editor of Jurnal Mantik was forced to blacklist the author for a while from the next publication of Jurnal Mantik.