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Vol 1 No 1 Juli (2019): Call For Paper [Free]

The Journal of Reliable Software Engineering (JRSE) is one of the Media Publications at the Institute of Computer Science (IOCS). This journal focuses on the production of reliable and safe software, by applying formal methods in software engineering as a new branch of software engineering in Indonesia and International.
Research in this lab is very dependent on mathematical and logical background, as the main foundation in guaranteeing its quality. One of the milestones in the development of Formal Method is Djikstra's idea of ​​programming by construction. One of the inspiring speeches that can also motivate people to learn about the formal method in software engineering is the turing award speech of "The Humble Programmer".

Aims and Scopes:

  1. Discrete Mathematics
  2. Theorem Prover
  3. Program Refinement
  4. Model Checker
  5. Graph Mining
  6. Software Quality Assurance especially for Free/ Open Source Software
  7. Program Verification
  8. Software Correctness and Reliability
  9. Security Protocol
  10. Computational logic
  11. Software Testing and Test-Bed Generator
Published: 2019-07-01
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