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Vol 2 No 2, Juli (2020): Computer Networks, Architecture and High Performance Computing

Published in Volume 2 Number 2, July 2020

Journal Of Computer Networks, Architecture and High Performance Computing is a scientific journal that contains all the results of research by lecturers, researchers, especially in the fields of computer networks, computer architecture, computing. this journal is published by Intitute Of Computer Science (IOCS), which is a joint research and lecturer organization and issued 2 (two) times a year in January and July.

Aims and Scopes:

  1. Indonesia Cyber Defense Framework
  2. Next Generation Networking
  3. Wireless Sensor Network
  4. Odor Source Localization, Swarm Robot
  5. Traffic Signal Control System
  6. Autonomous Telecommunication Networks
  7. Smart Cardio Device
  8. Smart Ultrasonography for Telehealth Monitoring System
  9. Swarm Quadcopter based on Semantic Onthology for Forest Surveillance
  10. Smart Home System based on Context Awareness
  11. Grid/High Performance Computing to Support drug design processes involving Indonesian medical plants
  12. Cloud Computing for Distance Learning
  13. Internet of Thing (IoT)
  14. Cluster, grid, peer-to-peer, GPU, multi/many-core and cloud computing
  15. Quantum computing technologies and applications
  16. Large-scale workflow and virtualisation technologies
  17. Blockchain
  18. Cyber security and cryptography
  19. Machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence
  20. Autonomic computing; data management/distributed data systems
  21. Energy-efficient computing infrastructure
  22. Big data infrastructure, storage and computation management
  23. Advanced next-generation networking technologies
  24. Parallel and distributed computing, language and algorithms
  25. Programming environments and tools, scheduling and load balancing
  26. Operation system support, I/O, memory issues
  27. Problem solving, performance modelling/evaluation
Published: 2020-07-01
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